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Posted 4-2-2014 in Reviews by Christopher

The concept of EV Quorum slowly took shape as a result of encounters that occurred at EV charge points all over San Diego. I'd been involved in a few car clubs when I was in my early 20s, but none infused with the rare authenticity and courtesy shown by EV drivers sharing a chance meeting at the charging pump. There was the seed crystal of a growing community. 

At the early public charging stations, EV drivers could be found stopping to share information about the locations or reliability status of other charging stations, and generally enjoying chats about EVs. For EV Quorum’s earliest members, our friendships formed from emails about the newest charge station locations, which ones were free, which ones were out of service, or vivacious reviews on the various station finder apps like Plugshare.

Community can happen even among the smallest groups and our membership began to flourish by understanding any meeting of two or more as a quorum. As more charging stations popped up along the coast and across the country, the free-floating informational network and ad-hoc meetings between EV folks, became reminiscent of the very early days of PCs and of Internet in the beginning of the 90s. 

The club’s value sprouted from the genuine relationships thriving between the EV-minded. Whether to clean up the air, to use domestically sourced energy, to use renewable energy or any of the other numerous reasons people are enthusiastic about EVs, our common denominator isn’t just about the car as a shiny toy, but about the conscious desire to seek out the particularities of driving electric. 

There are other EV organizations. I'm glad that Plug in America advocates on government policy. I'm glad that the Electric Automobile Association gives local EAA chapters all over the country non-profit organization charter and status.

But I saw the need for an organization that operated at the roots level of grassroots.

The idea of creating a club, with a name, some organizing principles and legal structure seemed the best way to give people a place to meet and connect or reconnect online. EV Quorum has matured into an organization that serves as a hub for people all over the place to tap into and we will continue to support and encourage serendipitous, informal meetings of EV folks. 

Where our next meeting takes place is up to you.

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