Electric Car Guest Drive

Electric Car Guest Drive

Posted 04.1.2014 in Reviews by Katy

EV Quorum hosts the Electric Car Guest Drive, a series of events where prospective EV drivers meet with current EV drivers who share information about what it's like to drive an electric car daily, as their primary transportation. Electric Car Guest Drive provides information about electric cars, residential and public charging stations, and charging from renewable sources like solar panels. 

The purpose of Electric Car Guest Drive is to build awareness about electric cars, provide an educational resource for the community, and develop personal relationships with other members of the EV Quorum car club.

ECGD allows people to ask EV owners what they like or don't like about their EV, certain products they prefer or any other EV related questions. Electric Car Guest Drive is not a commercial expo. There is nothing for sale. The club provides education and hands-on experience with the new technologies. By talking with other EV owners, you have an opportunity to gain insights on products and information that you would be unable to obtain from a dealership or supplier.

At each meet-up, there will be at least one Tesla Model S available. Depending on the location and which other members are available that day, you can also see the Ford Focus Electric, Fiat 500e, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota RAV4 EV, Honda Fit EV and others.

The meet-ups are free of charge to visitors and guests. If you would like to participate in a Guest Drive, where club members drive other club members cars around the block, we request that you become an EV Quorum car club member. You do not need to own an electric car, and members are never required to provide other members with guest drives, it is a totally volunteer activity. The EV Quorum membership fee is just $20 per year. The funds pay for event fees and insurance, required for most meeting places. Members also receive an Electric Car Insider magazine subscription, and invitations to all future EV Quorums meetings and events.

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